The living room makes up the most beautiful part of the house. From sipping tea in peace to a get-together, we spent most of the time in the living room. So, this space has to be perfect in every way. Again, the living room space environment needs to have good welcoming vibes. To enhance the look of the space, you should know some hacks to decorate the small space. Get a small coffee table and sofa set that goes with the size of the room.

All you need to do is have a subtle shade of paint on walls and don't let your walls be boring add a spark with paintings. Choose a painting that increases the aesthetic value of the room. Here are some trending paintings you can find online. From textured ones to quotes, contemporary to traditional ones, we have it all.

You might be struggling to find tons of art on the internet. So, here we are to show you the incredible paintings.

=> Contemporary Art Paintings

Contemporary art not only enriches the space but focuses on realistic-looking portraits with the right mix of colors. The mixing of colors is very crucial in this type of painting. Try out the Wallmax modern art from Amazon. Made of engineered wood, it's high quality and reliable. Put it on a bright shaded plain wall behind the sofa, it will make your room look bigger with minimal essentials.

=> Nature Inspired Art

Modern home's favorite, nature-inspired art blends well with the architecture. They have their own charm that captures the attention of the viewers. Try this Beautiful scenery UV Textured painting. In the hue of purple and blue, it's highly recommended if you are a nature lover. The true beauty is in this modern artwork done on a large panel. With a beautiful layering of colors, it produces art that mingles perfectly fine with modern homes. The rich tones and dimensions of nature express a thousand words in the form of art, putting it on your wall will reflect the illusion of positivity in your living room.

=> Abstract Art

Abstract Art always looks beautiful! Basically, it portrays perceptibility in the form of shapes and colors. With the perfect blend of visual reality. Figures are the most important part when it comes to abstract art. The best thing about abstract art is it focuses on relieving and bringing life into the room. Pick this Canvas Painting 'Flowers In A Vase'. It will look good near the indoor plants.

=> Quotes

Okay! Now it's time to start the day with a bit of motivation? How about putting some motivation in paintings? Sounds good? Having quotes everywhere on pillows, coasters, phone covers, and painting is quite common among youth. Check out the 4 Piece Set of Framed Wall Hanging Family Quote Decor print that will make your day happy while you chit-chat with your family at the time of evening tea.


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